Exiting the Interim Phase

Wednesday, 21 October 2015,  the General Assembly (GA) of our aassociation took place in the Dublin Conference Centre, during the EURALO General Assembly and in the framework of ICANN 54.

This was a milestone for our association: it ended its interim phase and now has an elected Steering Committee (SC). The SC will soon put out a proposal for activities for the next 12-month period, and invite comments from our Members.

The vote resulted in the election of the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary. Out of 12 current members, the 8 who voted were unanimous in their choice. 3 ballots were received after the deadline, confirming the outcome of the vote.

One of the objectives of our association is to enlarge its membership, but first we need to establish ourselves as a team capable of adding some value for the benefit of our members. One of the first tasks will be to share information about events of relevance to the ICANN community.

Watch this space!

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