How to become a member?

Are you an Internet user interested in participating in the ICANN processes, but do not have a home (i.e. a constituency, an At-Large Structure or ALS, or other) where you can contribute your experience and thoughts?

Are you either a resident in, or a citizen of a country in Europe, according to the definition of ICANN’s geographic regions?

If so, please fill in the form below. Your candidature will be evaluated by the Board, and if you fulfil these requirements you will be accepted as a Member of the EURALO Individuals’ Association.

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5 thoughts on “How to become a member?

  1. Hello,

    I’m from Central America; I work for NIC Costa Rica. I am a student of electronic engineering and also I am getting my Cisco and Linux certifications. I am honorary fellow of the ICANN Fellowship in Toronto, Canada ( and a official fellow in the Durban, South Africa ICANN meeting (

    Hope to be part or your family.

    Carlos A. Villaseñor Q.

  2. Dear Carlos and Carlton, greetings and thank you very much for your interest in Individual users association!

    It is important to note that we have been, from the inception phase of the organization, looking at creating a platform/space for European individual users to join us.
    Currently, we are accepting members from Europe only.

    However, once we start moving ahead with developing the organization, we will discuss with our members the degree to which we are ready to open up for potential members from other regions across the world and what would be the status of those members. So, we want to have an inclusive, participatory decision making process on this issue and we will definitely get back to you on this matter be it before ICANN London meeting or right after. It is then, when we should be clear about the overall view of the European members on this aspect.

    Please, do follow us, and feel free to ask any questions or provide any input/ideas you may have!

    With very best,

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