2023 elections

We intend to have a new leadership of the Association in place before the ICANN76 meeting.
This page is intended to describe the process to be used, and will be regularly updated.

Duties of the Chair
The Chair is the official representative of the association. In this capacity he/she:
    • has the overall responsibility for the Association and its management;
    • is an ex-officio EURALO Board Member;
    • is the spokesperson for the Association, which means that [s]he is sometimes invited to speak for the EURALO Individual Members by other RALOs, working groups, etc.;
    • is the voting member for the Association, as EURALO ALS – this implies polling the membership to assess the position of the association for the vote;
    • supervises the application process, discussing it with the Board.
Duties of the Board Members

The Board supports the Chair in the management of the Association. The Board Members:

    • participate in the application process, including evaluation of the applicants;
    • assist the Chair in performing duties;
    • act as replacement for the Chair when asked – please note that there is no formal Vice-Chair position.
Procedure and tentative timeline
    • the Chair solicits expressions of interest from candidates
    • the candidatures are published on the web site
    • the voting method is agreed
    • teleconference for the presentation of the candidates (if needed)
    • Staff runs the election – by the end of February
    • the new leadership is seated – before ICANN 76
Candidatures for the position of Chair
First NameLast NameCountry of ResidenceCitizenship
Candidatures for the position of Board Member
First NameLast NameCountry of ResidenceCitizenship
AmaliDE SILVA-MITCHELLCanadaUnited Kingdom
Mouloud KHELIF SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Liubomir NIKIFOROV SpainBulgaria
Result of the elections
Ricardo Holmquist has been elected as Chair of our association.

The following members have been elected to the Board of our association:

    • Amali De Silva – Mitchell;
    • Roberto Gaetano;
    • Mouloud Khelif;
    • Fotjon Kosta;
    • Liubomir Nikiforov.