ICANN-58: Update for our Members

Dear Member,

This is an interesting time for all the stakeholder communities in ICANN, and if you are attending ICANN-58 we encourage you to get in touch with our Secretary, Roberto Gaetano, who is in Copenhagen. Here is an update on our activity, and some pointers to future challenges and activities.

Recent elections

– Seat 15 on the ICANN Board: as you are aware,  this seat is filled by a person nominated by the At-Large community. ALAC (ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee) set up a structure and procedure to receive candidacies, and organized a vote throughout the 5 ICANN regions. The final slate retained Leon Sanchez Ambia and Alan Greenberg. Our Association is one of the ALSs (ICANN At-Large Structures) who consulted all its members, and your choice was Leon. The vote throughout the 5 RALOs resulted in the nomination of Leon, who will join the ICANN Board at the next Annual General Meeting (November 2017), click here.

– ALAC Leadership Team: ALSs were asked to appoint a new member; the candidates were Oksana Pryhodko and Bastiaan Goslings. We conducted a poll among our Members and your choice was the same as a majority of other ALSs: Bastiaan. He has already taken up his position. Click here.

– EURALO Board: in order to replace a person who resigned for personal reasons, there was a call for candidates. Olawale Bakare, Vice-Chair of our Board, expressed his interest and was elected. Congratulations ‘Wale!

Survey of our Association Members

We are grateful to Members for having taken the time to respond to the survey. You can read some lessons learned here . In order to implement the recommendations or preferences you expressed, your Board will be making proposals in the near future. One of the indications from the survey is that a number of Members are prepared to engage actively, either on an enlarged Board, or in Working Groups: please read the next two items.

Association Board

Members willing to engage actively in an enlarged Board are invited to give their vues on these topics: preferred number of seats on the Board (currently 3), tasks to be performed in the next 2 years, desirable areas of expertise.

Working Groups

Members who wish to take an active part  can do so via the links:

(A) EURALO Taskforces:

  • At- Large Structure Engagement, here.
  • EURALO ByLaws, here.

(B) At-Large Community Working Groups:

  • Public Interest WG, here.
  • ICANN Evolution WG, here.
  • At-Large Review Party, here.
  • All other Working Groups can be viewed here.

(C) ICANN Cross-Community Working Group (CCWG) on Accountability Work Stream 2 (WS2), which deals with the 9 topical areas within the remit of ICANN’s accountability process, as well as its operations:

  1. Diversity
  2. Guidelines for Good Faith Conduct
  3. Human Rights
  4. Jurisdiction
  5. Ombudsman
  6. Reviewing CEP
  7. SO/AC Accountability
  8. Staff Accountability
  9. Transparency

At-Large Review

Our Secretary, Roberto Gaetano, will be sending out an email to Members, calling for Members to give their views on the Review.
We hope you find this update useful.

On behalf of the Board:
Jean-Jacques Subrenat, Chair.

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