Association’s Board meeting, January 2019

EURALO Individual Users’ association held an online Board meeting on 24 January 2019. The Chair opened the call at 18:05 UTC. Present: Roberto Gaetano (RG), Chair; Jean-Jacques Subrenat (JJS), Vice-Chair. Excused: Fotjon Kosta (FK), Secretary; Olawale Bakare (WB), Member. Absent: Dina Solveig Jalkanen (DSJ), Member.
As the draft agenda did not require any decsion to be taken by the Board through a vote, quorum was not required.
AGENDA: the draft agenda circulated by email by the Secretary was adopted, as follows.
– Chair will circulate a reminder of actions and events in 2018, which Board members will be requested to comment or complete.
– Chair & Vice-Chair remarked that items under this heading are inter-related: priorities, participation in events, outreach, skills roster of our membership, development of our association. RG and JJS would like to bring the following to the attention of the Board:
Outreach can be carried out not only by Board members, but by Members and Associate members who are able and willing to take an active part in the life of our association.
– In general terms, it is time for our membership to take a more active part in the development of our association.
– It has also become necessary to involve our membership, along with our Board, in maintaining a constant level of engagement, rather than proceeding in waves as has often been the case. It is only through constant engagement that continuity can be ensured.
– In preparation for our next Annual General Meeting (AGM), Chair will send an email to our membership, asking who is willing to commit to activities related to ICANN, ALAC, EURALO, or of more general interest (Internet issues). Chair’s message will comprise a matrix, allowing membership to note down their areas of expertise, and the events or meetings they attend. Such a matrix can also be refined with, and communicated to the Chair of the EURALO Capacities Working Group, Yrjö Länsipuro.
Development of our association:
   – Website: there is still a need to update the contents, and perhaps to improve the website.
   – The preferred solution is to set up a team of at least 2 individuals, say 1 Board member and 1 from our Membership (full or associate Member). Suggestions are welcome.
– Within our parent body, EURALO, a short list of ‘Hot Topics’ enables us to concentrate on significant issues. Vice-Chair remarked that we should identify one topic on which our association could contribute to the policy work of both EURALO and ALAC; he suggested that we contribute to EURALO’s upcoming work on ‘’Current & future Internet governance challenges: some notes for the global Internet user’’, the draft of which will be prepared by Jean-Jacques Subrenat, .
– Secretary is requested to launch a Doodle poll for a meeting in the last week of February 2019.
– No item.
Chair brought the meeting to a close at 18:45 UTC.

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