Our Members in the news.

(29 August 2016) In July 2016, Roberto Gaetano was elected as Chair of the Board of the Public Interest Registry (PIR, which operates the .org, .ong and .ngo domain names) for the period 2016-19. Roberto’s Internet experience covers a wide spectrum, from technical management to governance issues. During his service as an international civil servant at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he became familiar with the complexities of  an international Treaty Organization. As Internet Policy Advisor at ETSI, he was active in Internet policymaking and process leading to the creation of ICANN and its supporting organizations. Roberto was a member of the ICANN Board or Directors for 6 years, of which 3 as Liaison from the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC). To those who have attended ICANN meetings not only in the daytime, Roberto also stands out as an accomplished jazz musician, livening things up with his saxophone on Music Nights under many latitudes. Roberto is the initiator, a founding member, and currently Secretary of our EURALO Individual Users’ Association. Warm congratulations to Roberto on his election as Chair of the PIR Board!


(9 June 3016) Ms. Veronica CRETU has been designated by our parent body, EURALO, to be a representative in the ALAC (At-Large Advisory Committee). Among other things, Veronica plays an important role in education, training, employment, labour rights, as well as in Internet governance. Her biography can be viewed on the websites of The Internet Society and Open Government Partnership. She is also a Founding Member of our Association. Warm congratulations Veronica!